Instapress is under construction

As you might have noticed, Instapress isn't working at the moment.
Due to lack of time we're not able to fix our plugin but we would appreciate your help: This link will take you to the Instpress GitHub repository.

We hope to create a stable version soon. In the mean time we would like to thank you for your support and your interest in Instapress!



1. Step


Download the plugin and unzip it to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder or install the plugin directly from your admin interface


2. Step


Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.


3. Step


Enter Instagram username and password in the Instapress settings.


4. Step


Add the widget to your sidebar, use TinyMCE or insert via shortcode into your articles and pages.

easy, huh?



You can implement an instagram feed in posts or pages via shortcode in the following format:

[instapress userid="" piccount="" size=""]

  • userid: ID or username of instagram user (leave blank for popular media, use "self" for your own media or "myfeed" to display your feed)
  • piccount: Number of instagrams to display (Default: 9) - Note: It is highly recommended to enable caching for more than 20 pictures
  • size: Size of instagrams in pixels (Default: 85px)
  • effect: Name of the effect to use for the slideshow (Currently only 'fancybox' possible) - Since 0.4.3
  • url: If this value is set, Instapress ignores the value for userid and piccount and displays a single Instagram (no authorization required!) - Since 1.0
  • title: If this value is set to 1 and an effect was set, Instapress will show the Instagram's title - Since 1.0.1
  • paging: If this value is set to 1, your pictures will be displayed as an image gallery. The value for piccount defines the number of pictures per page.


Add Widget called "Instagram" to your sidebar (wp-admin > Design > Widgets) and configure it:

  • Title: Widget-Title (use CSS to hide it)
  • Picture size: Size of pictures in pixels
  • Username: Username of user whose media to display
  • Address/Coordinates: Address of e.g. your bar, shop,... or coordinates in the format latitude,longitude (If this value is set, the user's feed will be ignored)
  • Pics: How many pics will be displayed? - Note: It is highly recommended to enable caching for more than 20 pictures
  • Effect: Fancybox uses jQuery Fancybox to display image gallery, otherwise the pictures link to their page
  • Show title: Shows the title of the image in Fancybox slideshow
  • Image container: Individual HTML-Container for the Instagram image takes 2 parameters at the moment (%index% = Index of image starting with 1, %image% = the instagram image, %title% = the instagram's title - since 1.3.5)


To use Instapress in one of your templates, simply work with do_shortcode() using the instapress shortcode.

<?php echo do_shortcode('[instapress piccount="12"]'); ?>


Click on the Instapress icon in TinyMCE and use the form that pops up to insert images or feeds.

Language Support

Instapress is currently available in English, German, French, Turkish, Romanian and Russian.



If you've created your own language pack please let us know at office [at] Thanks to Olivier Montbazet for French and Ali Riza Esin for Turkishsupport.